How Should I Set My Device Settings? (iOS)

Roy Harper -

1. Go into your device ‘Settings’ and select ‘Privacy’.


2. Click on the ‘Advertising’ button and turn ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ to OFF.


3. Return to your 'Settings' home screen and select ‘Safari’.

4. Scroll down to ‘Privacy and Security’ and set ‘Do Not Track’ to OFF.


5. Select ‘Block Cookies’ and update the setting to ‘Always Allow’.


6. Finally, if you are seeing a black border in Safari then 'Private Browsing' is active in your device. To disable it, go to your Safari browser and click on the tab button in the lower right corner.


7. Once you see your various tabs, turn Private Browsing to OFF by selecting the word ‘Private’ in the lower left corner of the screen. Private Browsing will be OFF when the word 'Private' is no longer highlighted. You will also see the black border in 'Safari' change to white.


Please keep in mind that our screenshots are from iOS 8 and the location of each setting may change depending on which iOS your device is currently using. If you have trouble following these steps, be sure to check out our instructional settings video below. 

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