How Do I Start a FreeMyApps Account? (iOS)

Roy Harper -

1. Access ‘’ through your Safari browser. (Please note that FreeMyApps will NOT load properly in a different internet browser.) Once you successfully reach the website, your screen will resemble the picture below. 

2. Click ‘Get Started’ and download the FreeMyApps profile. (Please be advised this step may require you to enter your device's four digit passcode.) After you have successfully downloaded the profile, it will automatically delete itself off your device. 


3. Return to FreeMyApps in Safari and download your first offer within 15 minutes of downloading the profile. Available apps for this step may vary. 



4. Launch the app for 30 seconds.

5. Return to FreeMyApps and start earning credits!

Be sure to check out our enrollment video below to see this process in action!

If you are still having trouble enrolling your device, please click HERE.

Need more help? Feel free to submit a request and a member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible. Start Freeing Those Apps!

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